Project Setup

Setup your Orangepill account, project and supprted cryptocurrecies.

Orangepill Signup

The initial step in establishing the crypto payment gateway involves signing up on the OrangePill Cloud platform through the following link: During the registration process, users will be prompted to select their operating country and choose a basic accounting currency. This information will facilitate tailored payment processing. Once the registration is complete, users will receive their API access credentials via email. These credentials are vital for seamless integration of the payment gateway into their systems, enabling efficient and secure crypto transactions.

Create Project

Use Orangepill Cloud Console dashboard for a new Project setup. This crucial action allows you to build isolated spaces for development and production, ensuring data separation. This empowers your team to work efficiently while maintaining the integrity of the project's architecture.

Test environment. While buidling solution we recommend using cryptocurrencies that support testnet networks. Testnet blockchain networks use fake coins. Check the list of supported cryptocurrencies and check which have support for testnet networks. We recommend using ETH testnet coin while building a solution.

Use Orangepill Dashboard or create new Project.

Enable CDP extension

Enabling the Customer Data Platform (CDP) extension within the Orangepill custom cryptocurrency processor solution is of paramount importance as it empowers you to seamlessly consolidate and harness customer data. By integrating CDP, you can gain invaluable insights into user behaviors, preferences, and interactions, enabling precise customization of services, targeted marketing strategies, and improved user experiences. This extension serves as the cornerstone for optimizing decision-making processes and enhancing customer satisfaction, ultimately contributing to the success and competitiveness of your cryptocurrency processing solution.

Setup Main Cryptocurrency Accounts

To seamlessly incorporate cryptocurrency payments into your custom processor solution, it's essential to establish what Orangepill refers to as "Ramp Accounts," which essentially function as your main deposit accounts for each cryptocurrency you plan to accept. These Ramp Accounts act as centralized hubs for accumulating the cryptocurrency mass resulting from various payments. This aggregation optimizes blockchain fee costs for merchants when they eventually withdraw these funds, as fewer transactions are needed. For comprehensive details on setting up Ramp Accounts and their integration with your payment processor, consult the Orangepill platform documentation here. This resource provides in-depth insights into the setup process, ensuring your business can effectively process cryptocurrency transactions while efficiently managing blockchain fees.

List of available cryptocurrencies and it's gas tokens can be found here.

For ERC20/BEP20/TRC20 assets make sure that Ramp Account has sufficient gas asset so that payment process can go seamlessly. If not, payments can get stucked on Deposit Acoounts and will need to be resolved manually once tha gas token is available.

Repeat this process for each cryptocurrency you want to support in your solution.

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