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Build conversational interface for your DeFi and Open Finance products using Infobip Answers and Orangepill.

Infobip is a leading global onmichannel communication platform. Using Infobip you can build conversational interface for WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber and many other channels.

Use Orangepill integration with Infobip Answers to build Conversational Wallet products.

Use pre-built Orangepill functions to access account details, transaction history, create transactions, deposit, execute withdrawals and apply fees in easy to use drag-and-drop enabled environmnet. Access all features of Orangepill platform from chatbots. Extend conversational experiance for your customers using all features of Infobip platform.

Conversational Wallet

A Conversational Wallet is an interface or platform that leverages the capabilities of Infobip and Orangepill. It is a financial technology solution, to provide a conversational and interactive channel for various financial services. It enables users to interact with their financial accounts, perform transactions and obtain information through conversations with a virtual assistant or chatbot.

The benefits of using a conversational channel for financial solutions are numerous:

  1. Seamless User Experience: Conversational interfaces mimic human-like interactions, making it more intuitive and user-friendly compared to traditional graphical user interfaces. Users can interact with the Conversational Wallet through voice or text, allowing for a more natural and personalized experience.

  2. Accessibility and Convenience: Conversational Wallets provide easy access to financial services anytime, anywhere. Users can engage with the platform using their preferred devices such as smartphones, smart speakers, or messaging apps, eliminating the need for physical visits to banks or websites.

  3. Personalized Financial Guidance: By leveraging AI algorithms and user data, Conversational Wallets can offer tailored financial advice and recommendations based on an individual's financial goals, spending patterns, and preferences. Users can receive personalized insights, budgeting tips, investment suggestions, and reminders for bill payments, helping them make informed financial decisions.

  4. Transactional Capabilities: Conversational Wallets enable users to perform various financial transactions directly through the interface. Users can transfer funds, pay bills, manage subscriptions, check account balances, and initiate investment transactions using simple text commands. This streamlines the financial management process and eliminates the need for multiple apps or interfaces.

  5. Enhanced Security: Conversational Wallets can incorporate advanced security measures, such as multi-factor authentication and encryption, to ensure the privacy and safety of financial data. User interactions are securely encrypted, minimizing the risk of fraud or unauthorized access to sensitive information.

  6. Improved Financial Literacy: Conversational Wallets can act as personalized financial assistants, providing educational content and explanations and money management techniques. Users can ask questions, seek clarifications, and receive educational materials, fostering financial literacy and empowering individuals to make better financial decisions.

  7. Integration with Third-Party Services: Conversational Wallets can integrate with various third-party services, such as utility providers, e-commerce platforms, and financial institutions, enabling seamless transactions and data sharing. This integration expands the scope of financial services accessible through the Conversational Wallet and enhances its overall functionality.

Conversational Wallets powered by Infobip Answers and Orangepill provide an innovative and efficient way to engage with financial services. They offer a personalized, convenient, and secure channel for managing finances, accessing information, and receiving tailored financial guidance, revolutionizing the way individuals interact with their money.


To start building Conversational Wallets you must first signup to Infobip and Orangepill.

Infobip signup

Go to and create your Infobip account.

Once your signup process is complete you will have access to Infobip portal.

Orangepill signup

Go to and create your Orangepill account.

Once your signup process is complete you will have access to Orangepill console.

To start building conversational wallet solution you must first create a new realm. Realm is a domain of data related to one project. Realm data will be related to Infobip Answers integration. To create a new realm select your country and base accounting currency.

To connect Orangepill realm with Infobip Answers you will need realm key data and a username and password of your Orangepill account.

Enable Orangepill integration

Find Orangepill app in Infobip Exchange marketplace.

Open Orangepill app and add it to your account.

Go to publish section and choose option to configure Orangepill integration.

To connect Orangepill realm with your Infobip account enter realm key, Orangepill user credentials (you should be gotten them on your email) and a name (Informative name to know the purpose of your integration).

You are all set to start building conversational wallet.

Register multiples realms on the same Infobip account (Optional)

Some customer could have more than on product, such as a Wallet, Digital Bank and so on, and they want to have a realm per product, for those uses cases they can leverage the same Infobip Account to have multiple chat bot (one per product), and here you have the step by step guide to get this done.

Register a second realm

First you have to go the exchanges section there you have to press my apps option.

Then you have to press over the Answer for Orangepill app, and you will be redirected to the next view.

Here you have to press the OPEN button and then you will see the form to register the new realm

Finally you have to send the realm key on all requests you made from the bot.

If you don’t send it, the API will take the oldest realm key registered under your Infobip account.



Use Answers->Chatbots to add new chatbot.

Choose to build it from the scratch.

Configure chatbot name, channel and language.

Use Infobip chatbot builder to develop conversational wallet for your use case.

For detaild documentation on Infobip conversational experiences consult

Impersonate Users

To relate chatbot user with Orangepill identity you must assign Orangepill alias value to match unique channel identifier. For WhatsApp, Viber, Line unique identifier is a phone number. For Telegram you must set user nickname or phone number.

To impersonate user for Infobip chatbot simulator, assign alias WEB_SIMULATION.

Orangepill Actions for Answers

Choose Orangepill Action for Answers and add it to your chatbot flow.

To engage Orangepill Action you must collect input values using Infobip global or local attributes.

Get all accounts

List all accounts and balances of current aliased user.

Get virtual accounts

List all virtual accounts and balances of current aliased user.

To learn more about Orangepill virtual accounts check this documentation page.

Get ramp accounts

List all ramp accounts and balances of current aliased user.

Use blockchain address displayed with ramp account to make deposit from external wallet.

To learn more about Orangepill ramp accounts check this documentation page.

Make transaction

Make transaction between two accounts. Provide source account of current aliased user and type alias of target account. You can use alias of target user instead of account. This will resolve default account for specific asset for target aliased user.

To learn more about Orangepill transactions check this documentation page.

Get incoming transactions

List incoming transfers to selected account.

Get outgoing transactions

List outgoing transfers from selected account.

Make withdrawal

Initiate withdrawal of assets to blockchain address.

To learn more about Orangepill withdrawals check this documentation page.

Get withdrawals

List withdrawals history.


To deploy chatbot use Activate button on Infobip portal.


While developing you can use chatbot simulator to test and debug. Remember to assign alias WEB_SIMULATION to Identity you want to impersonate in simulator.

Use cases

Digital bank

Use Orangepill virtual currencies to implement support for FIAT. Operations of issue and destroy of virtual currency should map to operations of debit and credit.

You can extend conversational experiance with other Infobip building blocks like Moments and Conversations to provide complete experience, including interaction with live agents.

Wallet for crypto assets

Use any of 45+ supported crypto assets to create accounts, deposits and withdrawals for end user. Use virtual accounts to enable off-chain transactions for your users and optimize costs of blockchain processing.

More information about building crypto wallet you can find here.

More information about building complete crypto exchange solution you can find here.

More information about building crypto payment acceptence you can find here.

Loyalty points and Cashback solutions

You can create virtual currencies to represent loyalty points or cashback values. Apply automatic fees and comissions in fixed or percantage amount to enable your use case.

Find more information about automatic forwarding of transaction amounts here.

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