Merchants Onboarding

Setup merchants and virtual accounts.

Creating User Accounts

Begin the onboarding process by creating new user accounts for merchants. This can be achieved through the Orangepill dashboard or programmatically using the provided API. User accounts offer personalized control and management capabilities, setting the foundation for an efficient crypto payment processing experience tailored to each merchant's needs.

Check documentation on creating Users.

Create Virtual Accounts and Ramp Assignment

Next, set up virtual accounts for the cryptocurrencies that merchants intend to accept. Virtual accounts act as designated containers, allowing for the organized reception of various cryptocurrencies. These virtual accounts must be linked to appropriate ramp accounts. Ramp accounts serve as bridges between virtual accounts and external crypto networks, ensuring secure and seamless fund transfers.

Check documentation on creating Virtual Accounts.

By completing these two steps, you'll equip merchants with the tools they need to seamlessly integrate cryptocurrency payment processing into their operations.

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